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the second 6 pages, title page, outline including heading and sub-heading with description 2 to 3 pages, annotated bibliography 1 to 2 pages
Descriptive outline that details final paper. complete an annotated bibliography for the sources.
1). Thesis Statement

  1. ll) Body of outline, include a sub-headings that correspond to the final paper elements as they relate to the selected topic. Each sub-heading should contain 2 to 3 sentences describing that portion of the paper. The description should demonstrate that you have done significant research, evaluation and critical thinking on communication as it relates to a health and human services setting as well as its application to the chosen topic. You must also indicate within each sub-heading which sources will apply to that section. Your sub-heading should include.

Define the topic
provide background information on the topic
Discuss the importance of the topic
specific examples of applications
Annotated Bibliography, the annotated bibliography should include a complete APA style listing for each source as well as one to two sentences description of the content of the source and how it will apply to the topic of the Final paper. the annotated bibliography must include at least 5 scholarly sources that were published within the last 5 years, two of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles. 6 pages title page 1, outline including heading and sub heading with description 2 to 3 pages, annotated bibliography 1 to 2 pages. The final paper should illustrate the mastery of the course material as well as insights into the aspects of effective communication in the health and human services setting and should address the application of effective communication practices. The topic for my final paper will be The use of empathy as a communication technique. I will send more for the final paper later.

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