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The PowerPoint presentation is due on November 23, 2014. Create a PowerPoint presentation containing critical narrative of health and human services accompanied with tables, graphs, or other visuals. The PowerPoint presentation must contain a minimum of ten slides (not including title and reference slides. For example: Group in Need: America’s Poor-Program Area:Welfare. Group in Need: Unemployed- Program Area: Limits to benefits of unemployment insurance. The Power Point presentation slides should: Be sequenced and organized clearly, Have a clear, logical progression of ideas, Have bullet points or short sentences, not dense paragraphs, Have relevant visuals, such as graphs, tables, data summaries, sound and /or animation which enhance understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Have a consistent theme, format, and font which augment the readability. Creating the PowerPoint Presentation. Must be a minimum of ten slides, Must include a title slide with the following: title of the training, Student’s name Victoria R. Orebo, Course name and number HHS497: Health & Human Services Capstone (CGM447DS) Instructor’s name, Nilajah Nyasuma, Date submitted will be November 24, 2014. Must begin with an introductory slide which provides a general overview of Health and Human Services based on social policy. A succinct thesis statement must be present, either in the text on the slide or clearly stated in the speaker’s notes. Must include an explanation slide(s) of the rationale for providing Health and Human Services based on social policy. Must include a description slide(s) of all 12 groups in need and the program that addresses that target population. Your explorations to different references on the internet will provide additional information. Must include slide images and text that tastefully conveys the message of that particular slide. Must utilize the speaker’s notes function in PowerPoint to write out in more detail what will be presented for each slide. Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. This must be stated either in the text on the slide or in the speaker’s notes. Must use at least two scholarly resources. Must have appropriate in-text citations of all sources in APA style, Must include a separate reference slide, formatted according to APA style.

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