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The newly formed Republik of Rockoslovenia has come to you as an expert in US Federal Reserve Bank matters, with regard to policies and procedures of its newly-formed Central Bank. Rockoslovenian officials would like you to deliver to them a report with your recommendations on how they should run their Central Bank if they decided to base it upon the American model.
In addition, Rockoslovenia plans on modifying its existing currency regime and has asked you to obtain the missing currency exchange crossrates between the major currencies found here:

  • Identify and describe the three instruments used by the Federal Reserve to set Monetary Policy.
  • Discuss the major components of the Federal Reserve System and identify the functions that each component performs.
  • Describe and compare central banks in the United Kingdom, Japan, and European Monetary Union with the United States.
  • Complete the missing currency exchange crossrates.

Must be written in essay format, with the exception of completing the cross rates, this can simply be inserted into the provided currency chart. An formal introductory paragraph with succinct thesis statement and a formal conclusion that reaffirms thesis MUST be included. Support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. This includes citations in the body of the text and in a separate reference section at the end of the essay. Headings and subheadings should also be utilized to organize the essay.

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