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The Media Review paper should be a single-spaced and about 3 pages long.
*For each numbered item, supply a heading and any subheadings for your answers.
1. Introductory overview of the film and its presentation of sexuality and cultural issues, especially gender and gender-related concepts including sexual orientation.
2. How the film deals with the following concepts for specified characters and/or situations:
a. gender depictions (physical appearance, including mannerisms, body language, and dress, for Jess (main character), Jules (football player, friend), Jess’ mother, Jules’ mother. Where possible/ appropriate, include references to breasts and bras.
b. gender roles (the distinctive behaviors society expects and encourages its members to engage in, according to gender) for Jess, Jess’ sister, Joe (coach), Jess’ father.
c. sexual orientation (a person’s primary erotic, social, romantic, and emotional attraction with respect to gender) for Jess, Jules, Tony (Jess’ football-playing friend), and Jules’ mother. You could also include any characters’ attitudes about gay orientation as revealed by their comments, if available.
3. How I think the film would affect the attitudes of viewers, considering viewer variables such as age and culture. Also, consider how viewers’ attitudes toward marriage in general, toward arranged marriage vs. a “love match,” divorce, sex before marriage and “mixed marriage” (where the individuals do not share the same designation as to race and/or ethnicity.)
4. The effect of the film on me, including my attitudes/beliefs about meeting the expectations of parents, family, friends, culture and how feasible or acceptable it is to “bend the rules” until conflicts are resolved
5. Compare the emotional, joyful flavor of the sister’s wedding party with the exuberance and excitement of the football players in their important game.

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