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The Marketing Type
The marketing character is an outgrowth of modern commerce in which trade is no longer personal but carried out by large, faceless corporations. Consistent with the demands of modern commerce, marketing characters see themselves as commodities, with their personal value dependent on their exchange value, that is, their ability to sell themselves. Marketing, or exchanging, personalities must see themselves as being in constant demand; they must make others believe that they are skillful and salable. Their personal security rests on shaky ground because they must adjust their personality to that which is currently in fashion.
Marketing people are without a past or a future and have no permanent principles or values. They have fewer positive traits than the other orientations because
they are basically empty vessels waiting to be filled with whatever characteristic is most marketable.ย  Negative traits of marketing characters are aimlessness, opportunism, inconsistency, and wastefulness. Some of their positive qualities include changeability, openmindedness, adaptability, and generosity.
Class, provide examples of individuals who are “marketing” types?

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