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The individual project is a written review of an approved current event article (published within the past 2 months) directly related to Health Care. The article should be sufficient in length to reasonably demonstrate learning and understanding gained from this study. Approximately 1000 words is the target range in lengths. Do not narrate the article. Review and report on the value of the article as a learning tool. Proper formatting is very important and will affect the grade. You are encouraged to use the library resources for this article. It should be from a major newspaper such as the New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, or the Wall Street Journal. Usually such articles refer to a recently published research study or document produced by a US government agency. Find that reference, read it, refer to it in your assignment, and include a cull citation for both the current even article and the research article to which it refers. Each student must select a unique article.
Critique Contents
You may want to do a Google search or check with our librarian to learn how to write a proper critique. Cite your sources.
1. Identify the topic and main points of the article, the journal article, or report it references, and its significance.
2. What did you think of the points the author makes? His/her point of view or possible biases? What industry is represented? Might there be other points of view?
3. What did you learn from the article?
4. Identify one question you had from reading the article.

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