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The idea of this course is to focus on something within yourself, which you wish to improve. For example, some cases we have had are people who manage to get all the stakeholders of a conflict in a room but cannot get them to listen to each other, or another was someone who wanted to secure funding but was unable to communicate effectively to get the donors to understand why the issue was so important….
The goal of the course is to enable participants to work together in groups and with experts to improve their personal ability. So we need to know more about what personal ability you want to improve. E.g. you seem to be talking about difficulties in getting people in a room to communicate with each other effectively, which body language is part of, but not the whole. Is there a meeting you were at where you feel you were ineffective in getting people to listen to each other and wish you could get through to them which would have led to them being more relaxed and having less defensive body language?
I apologize for taking up more of your time, and hope that our request is clearer now. The course is specifically designed for participants who have a personal goal to work on, and we need to be clear on what that is in order to ensure the right participants take part in it.
I look forward to receiving updated information on your professional experience.

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