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The healthcare system often is plagued with a variety of issues. Some of these issues are internal or existing within the healthcare system such as a lack of employee training or low employee morale. Other issues are external or existing outside of the healthcare system such as an increase in educational requirements for healthcare programs or the increase in geriatric patients. What is important to consider is how issues such as these affect the healthcare workforce and ultimately healthcare delivery.
For this Discussion, you examine external issues which could positively or negatively affect the healthcare workforce and develop possible solutions to addressing these issues. You also consider how these external issues affect healthcare delivery from consumer and provider perspectives.
To prepare for this Application Assignment:

  • Review the article, “Bridging the workforce gap for our aging society: How to increase and improve knowledge and training. Report of an expert panel.” Pay particular attention to the disconnection between the older populations and the current healthcare workforce and potential solutions to this disconnect .
  • Review the article, “The great divide: Social media’s role in bridging healthcare’s generational shift.” Consider the use of social media to recruit and maintain healthcare workers in the current healthcare workforce.
  • Review the article, “Despite surge of interest in nursing careers, new AACN data confirm that too few nurses are entering the healthcare workforce.” Think about the external issues impacting the healthcare workforce specifically related to acceptances to nursing programs.
  • Research the Walden Library and locate one article related to an external issue affecting the healthcare workforce and ways in which to address those issues. You can also locate a contemporary article in the popular press which highlights external issues affecting the healthcare workforce. Consider how this external issue might impact healthcare delivery from both the consumer and provider’s perspective.

To complete this Application Assignment, write a 1- to 2-page paper that:

  • Briefly describe the external issue you have identified in your article.
  • Explain how this issue might negatively or positively affect the healthcare workforce.
  • Explain one way this external issue might affect healthcare delivery from both the consumer’s perspective and the provider’s perspective.
  • Provide one recommendation for addressing the issue.

Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate
Kovner, A. R., Knickman, J., & Jonas, S. (Eds.). (2011). Jonas and Kovner’s health care delivery in the United States (Laureate Education, custom ed.). New York: Springer Publishing Company.

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