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The Final Business Plan will consist of the following elements:
•Business Plan Executive Summary ◦The executive summary is a snapshot of the business plan as a whole and touches on the company profile and goals. This was completed in a prior week.
•Market Analysis ◦Provide specific industry, market and competitive analysis information that should be conducted and included in the business plan.
•Company Description ◦What does the company do? What differentiates this business? Which markets does it serve?
•Organization & Management ◦All businesses are structured differently. Describe the organization and its management structure, regardless of its size.
•Marketing & Sales Management ◦How will the company market the business? What is the sales strategy?•Service or Product Line ◦What does the business sell? How does it benefit the customers? What is the product lifecycle? Does it plan to conduct R&D activities?
•Financial Projections ◦Include the financial projections that have already been completed.
•Appendix ◦Optional

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