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The CEO of South Automobiles, Inc. is asking one last time for your help.
First he needs a review of the company’s sourcing plan and secondly he needs your input on the value of using JIT and lean techniques.
Regarding the sourcing issue, the current plan is focused on local procurement. South Automobiles is trying to become a better community partner. To accomplish this, South Automobiles has a new policy that mandates local procurement rather than the long-standing policy of strategically searching for the best value when making purchases for office supplies, raw materials, services, and components. The VP is happy with the work that the supplying company has done on previous consulting projects; he has come to you for advice. He wants a sourcing plan that continues to use local procurement or incorporates global sources. You will prepare a supplier evaluation plan that covers:

  • A formal supplier evaluation program to be created for South Automobiles
  • A description of how recalls are related to supplier selection programs
  • A description about the importance of a supplier selection program
  • A few real-life examples of failed programs
  • A description of why the company should adopt a formal supplier selection and evaluation program

As for the JIT and lean programs, the CEO is very optimistic about these techniques and has directed the VP that one of these techniques needs to be implemented in all aspects of its operations. Now the VP wants your opinion as to which is the best technique to use and why.
Submit a 9-page report, supporting your responses to both of these initiatives with appropriate business or scholarly examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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