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1._____ is Hezbollah’s television network.
A. Al Manar
B. Al Fajir
C. Al Jazeera
D. Al Hurra
2. Maoist terrorism is a form of _____ terrorism.
A. Revolutionary
B. Cultural
C. Religious
D. Political
3._____ is Latin America’s oldest and largest terrorist group.
C. Shining Path
4.The birth of the _____ may have mirrored standard Middle Eastern terrorism, but the group’s exploits drew more attention than did those of its rival terrorist organizations.
A. Hamas
D. Abu Nidal
5.The Blank 1 ——– began as a dispute between Protestants and Roman Catholics in Prague, eventually pitting the north of Europe against the south.
6.In the U.S., there are approximately _____ state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers.
A. 800,000
B. 900,000
C. 500,000
D. 600,000
7. Counterfeiting and fraud are common weapons of the _____.
A. Asian extremists
B. Eastern Europe extremists
C. South American extremists
D. American extremist right
8.Sun Tzu produced a treatise on the ____.
A. Paradoxes of war
B. Military leadership of China
C. History of guerilla warfare
D. Philosophy of national war
9.The idea of _____ is that all levels of society must become involved in homeland security.
A. Protection of social order
B. Arbitrary coercion
C. Logic of conflict
D. Defense in depth
10.Who are usually the first government agents on the scene of a terrorist incident?
A. The FBI
B. Homeland Security
C. Local law enforcement officials
11_____ believed terrorism should be used as an instrument for overthrowing middle-class governments.
A. Vladimir Lenin
B. Karl Marx

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