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Establishing and meeting goals is essential to moving any organization forward.
However, sometimes these goals cannot be achieved on their own. When such is the case, an
organization may want to consider applying technology in order to help achieve these goals. If
technology is to be used to help meet the goals put in place, then it must be carefully planned
out. Such planning results in a technology road map, which clearly identifies and labels which
technologies will help the organization achieve their goals (Rafinejad, 2007). This is the sole
purpose of a technology road map.
When a technology road map is created, two main objectives must be kept in mind.
These two main objectives include achieving the organization’s short-term goals and achieving
the organization’s long-term goals. These organizational goals are typically related to the launch
of a new product, the implementation of a new process, or the implementation or adoption of a
new, emerging technology. A technology road map can hold many benefits in regards to helping
an organization achieve their goals.
Firstly, developing a technology road map leads to a discussion within an organization as
to what the organization’s actual needs are and how these needs relate to the organization’s
goals. Another benefit is that it helps the organization to determine the best technologies to use
in achieving the goals that have been determined and fulfilling the needs of the organization. The
technology road map also helps an organization determine how their technology will evolve or
develop. This organization includes both the planning for technology development as well as the
actual development of the technology.
Technology road maps can help a number of organizations, of all different complexities
and sizes. One recommendation of a company that should utilize a technology road map is a
small diner looking to implement a computerized system from the manual, paper system that is
currently utilized. Another example of a company that is more complex may be a company such
as Johnson & Johnson. Whenever a new product is being introduced, the company would need to
develop a new technology road map. Developing this road map would help the organization to
clearly identify the technology that is needed, as well as when and how it should be

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