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I am applying for a nursing instructor teaching position and I need a paper on teaching philosophy.
1. what are your objectives as a teacher? The rest of your philosophy statement should support these objectives which should be achievable and relevant to your teaching responsibilities; avoid vague or overly grandiose statements. On the other hand, you will want to demonstrate that you strive for more than mediocrity or only nuts-and-bolts transference of facts.
2. discuss methods that you use to achieve or work toward those objectives.
3.Discuss how you intend to measure your effectiveness vis a vis the objectives and methods you have outlined.
4. What, to you, are the great and wonderful rewards of teaching? Why is teaching important? How do you want to make the world or at least higher education better? When you are overworked and feel undervalued, to what ideals do you return in order to rejuvenate yourself and inspire your students? How do you want to make a difference in the lives of your students?

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