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Suppose you are a Systems Administrator, and you have been tasked with implementing RADIUS to support authentication, authorization, and accounting in your organizations Windows network environment.
Write a four page paper in which you:

  1. Examine the most significant benefits of RADIUS in organizations and provide management with at least three problems/concerns that it helps to solve/ relieve in the organization’s computing environment. Provide support for your response.
  2. Suggest the top three characteristics of Network Policy Server in Windows Server 2012 that you believe make it a suitable option for implementing RADIUS in the organization’s environment. Provide support for your response.
  3. Decide whether you would consider utilizing RADIUS templates. Justify your decision based on what you believe to be the most significant benefits offered to or restrictions created for systems administrators.
  4. Propose whether you would consider, with no other variables or restrictions, utilizing password-or certificate-based methods for authentication. Substantiate your selection with appropriate reasoning.
  5. Use at least 3 quality resources.

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