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Suppose you are a newspaper columnist who will address, in the next editorial blog of your newspaper’s website, the same topic from the article in the Detecting Media Bias assignment.
Write a 150- to 200-word answer to each of the following questions:
1.            How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic?
2. How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic? Why do you think these strategies might be effective?
3.            How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to eliminate the bias from the original article and still present a factual and persuasive case?
Discussed strategies to use to apply creativity to the problems and issues addressed in topic
Discussed strategies for promoting curiosity in topic:
Discussed why strategies for promoting curiosity above will be effective.
Discussed how to use methods for promoting ideas to eliminate bias from the article while still presenting a factual and persuasive case.
Writing is comprehensive, accurate and persuasive. The paper develops the central idea in a tone appropriate for the directed audience and logically concludes the essay.
Sentences are well constructed, clear and complete. Paragraph transitions are logical and maintain the flow of thought.
Rules of grammar usage and punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct.
Format of paper meets the Short Form Writing Style Handbook,  including needed citations and references.

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