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The school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has reopened the discussion on banning
assault rifles and magazines that hold more than ten rounds. While it may seem unreasonable for
the average American to own assault weapons, it is still within their right according to the
Second Amendment of the Constitution.
How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Gun Control
The basic question being asked is how much firepower does an American homeowner
need to protect their home. The President of the United States, along with opponents of Second
Amendment, claim assault weapons and large magazines has no place in an American home.
While the Second Amendment guarantees every American the right to keep and bear arms, the
federal government wants to control what type of weapon and ammunition owned (Abdullah,
Even though Americans have the right to carry a weapon, they must pay for it. Licenses
are required by each state for permits to carry concealed weapons. Citizens must pay to purchase
a license to carry a weapon they already have a right to carry. A felony background check must
be performed before a person can purchase a firearm. All of these things restrict a citizen’s right
to own a gun. Banning guns and accessories would restrict these rights and violate a person’s
rights pursuant to the United States Constitution (โ€œObama,โ€ 2013).
Descriptive analytics uses data garnered from history to establish a pattern in an attempt
to determine what will happen in the future. It is well known that Hitler, Stalin and other leaders
who exhibited dictator-like tendencies also attempted to disarm their citizens in an attempt to
control the country. With this methodology in place, it is apparent the United States could be
heading down the same path. Banning one type of gun or ammunition will quickly lead to bans
on other guns and their accessories.

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