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Discussion 2 due 6 /17/ 15. Social Security: Public opinion surveys consistently report that almost three quarters of young American believe that Social Security will be a ” dead Program” by the time they reach retirement age. This puzzles analysts, who argue that straightforward changes in the structure of Social Security can guarantee its solvency well into the future. The problem, choosing instead to assume that it will inevitably fall. From your vantage point, what might explain this dim view by young Americans of Social Security’s chances? (2) Rather than make current workers pay into the Social Security program, some policy makers suggest that these workers should have the option of shifting their payments into private systems that would invest the retirement savings of workers in the stock market or bonds, which would provide a higher rate or return. In effect, Social Security would be taken out of the hands of the government and “privatized”. Have you heard of this alternate approach to Social Security? What do you make of it? (3) The existence of AARP and its effectiveness in protecting retirement benefits for seniors highlights the lack of similarly powerful lobby groups safeguarding the retirement options for young and middle aged Americans. As a result, say many scholars, seniors have a disproportionate voice in policy making around Social Security. What might explain, in your view, the apparent lack of lobby groups serving the retirement interests of younger Americans? 1 page each, 1 scholarly reference each, APA format.

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