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In blocks 5 and 6 you have examined critical thinking, reading and writing skills. This essay asks you to draw upon those skills in order to research and write about a topical issue. You should draw upon the critical thinking skills methods we examined, to identify the key issues on this topic. Here, you are being asked to show that you can critically evaluate the evidence available on this subject and present your arguments in a coherent essay structure. Your conclusion on the topic should be clear.
Question: Social Networking and Freedom of Speech: With reference to recent events in the UK (and other countries) and conflicts in the Middle East, critically evaluate whether social networking represents an opportunity for freedom of speech.
Criteria: It is not sufficient for you to simply discuss the merits or demerits of online social networking. In order to pass this assignment your essay must:
·       Explain the concept of freedom of speech
·       Provide arguments both for and against the idea that social networking represents freedom of speech
·       Illustrate these arguments with examples of cases where freedom of speech has been expressed on social networking sites, and the consequences of doing so
·       Directly answer the question, drawing a firm conclusion from your findings
·       Include supporting evidence from secondary research (you must include reference to at least two Journal articles, although you may draw upon as many resources as you wish)
·       Be written in a formal essay structure, in formal English and in the passive voice (third person)
·        Use Harvard referencing throughout

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