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SIn this essay you have to respond to one poem, my poem is ” Love Calls Us to the Things of This World “.  Richard Wilbur (1956/1988).  What about the poem’s form, language, content or other dimension do you find engaging?  How does the poem’s use of language compare to that of everyday speech?  How do the differences and/or similarities between speech and poetic form effect your experience of the poem?  Do these differences and/or similarities influence how you think or feel about the subject matter of the poem?  Though this essay asks that you reflect on your personal, or subjective experience, like all reader response criticism it should be supported by textural details and analysis.  What captured my imagination?  Was it a feeling, an emotion, a curiosity, or an aspiration?  Did it involve a desire to escape a past, or present,association.
What connection can I make between this piece of literature and other’s that I’ve read?  Did my connection reinforce things I knew or add new insights? This essay needs an Original Title, Introduction with a thesis statement, what is important about the argument you are making?  What message or value might it have to your reader and or to society?  Though your paper may explore more than one way in which you have responded to the poem, think about the connections between your response and the literary elements and qualities which help to evoke it.  Support the argument throughout the paper with textural evidence and analysis.  3 double space pages, properly cited and reference, APA formatted (6 edition style) es.

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