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Should companys be aloud to hire you based on your social media pages? If so why, If not why not. You can only have one side.
Your will deliver a paper with a minimum of 6 pages (not including a mandatory title page and reference page) concerning an ethical issue in the modern work place or an influential scholar/perspective that significantly contributes to our understanding of ethics in business. Your paper should contain the following at a minimum:
 An organized approach to the paper. That is, a clear introduction containing a thesis statement and preview of work, a well-researched and organized body backed by reason and evidence, and a conclusion that leaves the reader with a sense of closure and adequately sums up your essay.
 A concise and thorough description of the topic. An examination of the topic’s importance to the study of ethics and how the topic is applicable to today’s business environment.
 References to concepts covered so far in the course that may include comparisons or contrasts with core philosophies and perspectives we have covered.
 A statements and logical defense concerning your agreement or disagreement with the respective topic or scholar under investigation. Take a stance on the topic and argue your position.
 In text citation (MLA form) reflecting the research you have conducted on the topic and offering evidence for your claims.
 A title and reference page(s). You must use at least five referenced materials for this paper. At least one must be from a scholarly source (journal, book by a researcher or noted expert).
 A properly formatted paper. Follow MLA guidelines. Aside from MLA guidelines, you will use Times New Roman font, 12pt. Otherwise, follow the guidelines at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

Your paper will be evaluated on several factors:
1. Quality of research- proper number and quality of resources. Applicability of research.
2. Overall mastery/understanding of the topic.
3. Soundness of organization, writing quality, and adherence to outlined standards.
4. Soundness of arguments and reasoning concerning ethical claims.
5. Topic selection and proper narrowing of topic.
6. Clarity of expression, coherence of expressed ideas/arguments, demonstrated understanding of the subject matter.

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