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See email (se) 7/3 11:20pm for template for writeup and case study
Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Unit 3:
Kanter, R.M. (2009). IBM in the 21st century: The coming of the globally integrated enterprise. Harvard Business School Publishing, Product: 308105-PDF-ENG.
Prepare a case analysis on the topic of organizational challenges when becoming a globally-integrated enterprise.
Case analysis questions to consider for your response:

  • What global forces drove IBM to become a globally-integrated enterprise?


  • How has IBM adapted thus far? Have they been successful?


  • What skills should global leaders have?


  • If you were Jon Iwata and John Kelly, what recommendations would you make to Sam Palmisano? How would you implement them?

Your analysis of this case and your written submission should reflect an understanding of the critical issues of the case; integrate the material covered in the text and present concise and well-reasoned justifications for the stance that you take.
The case analysis should be at least three pages long (excluding title and reference pages), double spaced. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should use APA style.
Case Analysis Criteria
Your case analysis should consist of:

  • A brief analysis of the situation and pending decision problem, as presented in the case, and as relevant to your answer. This should be exceptionally brief and you should assume the person reading the Assignment is familiar with the details of the case.


  • Identification of the major issues surrounding the organization or individuals involved with the organization.


  • Identification of alternate courses of action to address the issues identified.


  • The decision or recommendation for action, with the appropriate supporting arguments.


  • The case question(s) is designed to guide the direction of your analysis in the case. Your analysis should address and ultimately answer the question(s).

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