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Scriptural Hermeneutics
Scriptural hermeneutics is a science concerning the principles and themes of
interpretation of the scriptures. The branch of scriptural hermeneutics that is concerned with the
study and the interpretation of The Bible is also known as Biblical Hermeneutics. This study
includes both the verbal and no-verbal aspects of communication. Interpretive traditions today
have merged more than they have ever gotten to in the past.
Ricoeur’s thought was a semblance of many creative modern strands, including myth,
storytelling, psychoanalysis etc. He used these techniques because human beings use a great
many ways to comprehend the world around themselves. His philosophy broadly consisted
narrative and metaphor that allowed a lot of self-understanding (Boyd, 2010).
Similarities between Aquinas and Lonergan
Both use psychological language to talk about human conscious life, as well as agree on a
kind of mutual conditioning in our β€œinterior life”. They both agree that all reality we perceive
around us comes about to be because of a temporal interaction between material and spiritual
Differences between Aquinas and Lonergan
Specially during his intentionality analysis, Lonergan explains human conscious life
through the mundane acts of comprehending, experiencing, working, thinking and opinionating.
Aquinas’s analysis is more simple in that it dwells over theoretical and practical reasons and their
difference (or intellect and the will). Lonergan argues for an interdependence of issues and
events. That is, no event or happening nor development occurs but one that is already
referencing earlier achievements in Catholic thought (Albl, 2009).

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