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Role of Faith
“Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and
yet have believed.” (John 20:26-29). These words bring out my emotions over faith and reason. I
believe that faith and reason are in a sense antonyms, though not in the truest of ways; where one
works, the other is less needed.
People rely less on faith if they will understand a situation better by means of their
thoughts. At the same time, it is the far, far greater expanses where human understanding
consistently falters, that we bring faith in. It is therefore in the dual attributes of usage and
magnitude, that the role and need for reason and faith are dynamically balanced. At some point
of time, a rational mind will see the limits and scope of his reasoning; he will see that the aspect
of reasoning is used most for his mere survival. Therefore, reasoning will ensure that he meets
the needs of his present life in the most pragmatic ways and his life would perhaps be all the
more safer for it. For example, reasoning people are more likely to stay away from drugs or other
forms of reckless behavior.
On the other hand, it is faith that is employed in the realms that are above and beyond the
trials and tribulations of small, real life. In order to understand factors that are beyond our
control, to perceive what we may not see, feel, hear or imagine, we need faith. In this sense, it is
easy to see out of faith and reason which is the more important and the higher one. Therefore, in
their assessments, they are more likely to attribute more to faith. The more reasoning they are,
the more they will realize the limits in the answers they can receive. The more they will turn to
faith. In this way, faith will fall into the more important place where it rightfully belongs as
people understand the role of faith and reason.

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