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1. Describe the key battles and key advantages of the American side that allowed the United States to win the Revolutionary War. What was the importance of
foreign intervention to the American cause? How did the lack of unity at home hinder the American cause?
2. Describe details of the negotiations between England, France, Spain and the newly independent United States that culminated in the Treaty of Paris of 1783. What were the final details of the treaty? Could the United States have hoped to gain more? Why did France, the most important ally of the United States, not gain more?
3. Discuss ways that the Constitution remedied the flaws in the Articles of Confederation. How do the structures of the national government under the two
documents compare? What were the arguments for and against ratification?
4. How did the Constitution resolve the problems posed by the post French and Indian War regulations of the British from 1763 1774? Were the answers successful or unsuccessful?
5. Consider the position of slaves, free African Americans, women, and Native Americans after the Revolutionary War. How does the Articles of Confederation
address the positions of these groups? Did these groups have any rights under the new government?
McPherson, J.M. & Hogue, J.K. (2010). Ordeal by fire: The civil war and reconstruction, fourth edition. McGraw-Hill. New York, NY.

When responding to the essay questions, keep in mind that they are essays and not short- answer questions. Essays should be detailed and have resources to support factually based comments. Your answer must state your thesis and be supported with detailed information, including dates, specific examples, and material from the readings. The conclusion should follow logically from the information you have presented.
Any quotations, specific information, and ideas drawn from your reading (including the textbook) must be cited and referenced in APA (or Chicago/Turabian) format.
Each essay should be a minimum of one page (250 words) in length, not including references.

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