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I see the five factor model as to reductionistic due to the language used. The attempt to explain the complexities of personality, emotionality, activity, and sociability factors down to five major trait categories by creating a taxonomy of individual differences is reductionistic. According to the five factor theory, the five basic factors in human personality are neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Though I agree that words have power, I also believe that we will miss much of the picture with a limited vocabulary. The five factor theory’s use of the fundamental lexical hypothesis, and the use of specifically picked adjectives I believe can cause to discrepancies. Perhaps the biggest factor of reductionism is seen from a cultural prospective. Not all five factors fit with a given culture, and other factors not named by the “big five” can be displayed. Simplifying personality is not a bad thing. The catch is trying to not become too reductionistic. Many theorists believe that there should be a sixth factor: honesty/humility.

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