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Research Questions
There are a number of different research questions that must be asked in order to
thorough examine the problem at hand. The current problem is the rapid evolution of the internet
and a possible performance chip to help prolong time between necessary changes. The major
research question of this problem is whether a superior performance chip would have any effect
on a business’ ability to delay technological changes without losing customers.
In order to be able to answer this major research question, minor research questions must
also be asked. These minor questions focus more upon smaller details, ultimately revealing the
answer or solution to the main hypothesis for this problem. Some of the minor questions that
may want to be examined include compatibility of the superior performance chips with various
computer systems and Internet platforms. Another minor question would be in regards to the
actual function or role the chip would play in delaying technological changes. Additionally, the
financial impact of delaying rapid changes in technology such as the Internet must also be
These sub-questions are absolutely necessary in finding the overall answer for the main
hypothesis of the problem (Creswell, & Clark, 2011). By focusing upon these smaller questions
or points, the overall picture becomes clearer. For instance, the use or development of a superior
performance chip may be an excellent invention. However, without a specific application related
to reducing uncertainty and risk associated with the Internet and e-commerce, it is irrelevant to
the problem at hand. Furthermore, these sub-questions are vital in understanding how such a
technology would work and how it would allow businesses to address changes in the Internet in
an economically friendly way.

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