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Statistics is used in all fields of human life and is divided into two branches, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Data is of various types and can be organized graphically. Simple probability concepts can be used in your personal and professional life. In this course, you learned about the normal distribution. A normal distribution can be used to describe a sampling of means and to approximate other distributions such as the binomial distribution. You now know how to determine whether data falls within a normal distribution and how to facilitate data analysis. You can calculate specific data values for given percentages by using the standard normal distribution and calculate the confidence level for a mean, a variance, and a standard deviation.
With this in mind, reflect on the theories, concepts, and strategies presented in this course as you respond to the following:
   Describe how your attitude about effective management has been impacted by the information you gained in this course.
   Identify the knowledge/insights you think will be most useful in developing your own management style.
Summarize these reflections in a 250-word response paper.

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