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Re: Personality Theory – Western culture
Β After reading our textbook material, I believe that our knowledge about personality if affected greatly by our westernized cultural norms, and by what we as society find to be acceptable behavior. In addition, our membership in a particular culture is the key determinant of its own “institutionalized and sanctioned patterns of learned behaviors rituals, and beliefs” (Cervone & Pervin, 2013, p.17). For example in westernized culture such as North America individuals’ goals in life are shaped by living in a culture that strongly values “individuals rights and competition in economic marketplace to improve individual financial and social status” (Cervone & Pervin, 2013, p.18). On the other hand, in other countries such as Asia more emphasis and social norms are put on individuals’ contribution to his or her community rather than on personal financial gain. Overall, I believe that personality theory could be applied to the rest of the world to some degree, but other factors such as cultural norms, religion, or beliefs should be apply and taken into consideration.

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