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  • Ranked issues and relevant information—list and rank from most to least important key communication issues.
  • Potential solutions and analysis—list and briefly analyze and explain three possible solutions.
  • Selected solution, its implementation, and communication—explain the preferred solution in detail and reasons for selecting it. Provide an example of any final deliverable that you decide on.

Also, list the four or five key communication skills reflected in the case, and provide a brief critical analysis of each one. Apply each of these key communication skills to your own personal managerial communication abilities and weaknesses as noted in yourself analysis.
Finally, how could the manager in the case have improved communication by paying closer attention to each of these areas?

  1. Core values
  2. Communication is invention
  3. Leader’s job—’values compete and various roles are in tension’
  4. Psychological and physical barriers to communication
  5. The importance of feedback

Must be written in essay format. An introductory paragraph with succinct thesis statement and a conclusion that reaffirms thesis MUST be included. Support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. This includes citations in the body of the text and in a separate reference section at the end of the essay. Headings and subheadings should also be utilized to organize the essay.

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