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โ€ขYour question in it’s absolute entirety? 1. A study is conducted to determine if the traffic light patterns at a busy intersection need to be adjusted to help the flow of traffic. Data on the
volume of traffic and the traffic patterns during different times of day are recorded.
I. What is the population? All Traffic light patterns at a busy intersection
II. What is the sample? Flow of traffic
III. Is the study observational or experimental? Justify your answer.
IV. If observational, identify ALL variables. If experimental, identify ALL independent and dependent variables.
V. For each of the variables identified in part IV, list which of the four levels/scales of measurement was used to obtain data on these variables?
VI. Classify each of the variables identified in part IV as either attribute or numerical.
2. Classify the following variable as nominal, ordinal, discrete, or continuous and state why it is such a variable:
number of MP3 players sold each year
3. Classify the following as an example of anominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio level of measurement, and state why it represents this level:
distance between two signposts
4. Construct a frequency distribution table to organize the following set of data:
108 106 109 102 103 101 101 109 108 109
103 107 110 109 105 106 109 109 102 106
5. Construct a grouped frequency distribution for the following 28 scores using a class width of 4:
74 80 79 74 77 64 77 81 63 68 83 71 75 71
70 69 83 71 82 86 77 86 79 75 81 86 78 77
6. Provide a different example for each of the following types of variables from your work or home life:
A) A qualitative variable
B) A quantitative variable
Be sure to show your work on all essay-style questions

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