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Whether you think of yourself as an up and coming scientist or not, you use science every day.
You will explore how you apply different aspects of science in your daily life in a two part
project. In 1,000-words (minimum), discuss the following:
The Scientific Method
Each and every day, you are faced with having to make split-second decisions, and the need to
solve random problems that you encounter. To reach those decisions and work those problems
out you are subconsciously using the scientific method. Apply the steps of the Scientific Method
to two situations that could occur in your everyday life. Use the scientific method in the first
scenario provided by your instructor to solve the problem at hand.
Please come up with a second detailed scenario on your own, using the categories provided, and
follow the same steps in the scientific method to find a resolution.
For both scenarios, be sure to use terminology from the scientific method (hypothesis,
experiment, etc.) while describing how you would address each problem.
Scenario 1: You are getting ready to leave for work in the morning and you can not find your car
Scenario 2: Develop your own detailed problem and apply the scientific method to solve it. Your
problem should fall within one of the assigned categories provided by your instructor within the
course announcements.
Your final project should be a minimum of 1,000-words written in APA style format. As always,
be sure to provide appropriate citations, references, and links to any information you use in this
paper. Be sure to also avoid copying and pasting large sections of text from any given source.
For help with citations, refer to the APA Quick Reference.

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