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<The proposal of the business will be to install and operate standalone wind energy mills – on a micro level, powering individual farms. An aspect of the business will be to sell power
back to the grid, making standalone energy sufficient homes and creating sustainability.
Here are the guidelines of the new assignment:- Instructor has strictly told us to research on a new sustainable initiative idea which has not been introduced in Dubai UAE. Can you
first help in recommending the ideas and once the instructor approves the idea we can then proceed with the assignment.
===S4 Individual problem solving report
A New sustainable initiative (1000-1500 words)
You are considering setting up a business in Dubai that will bring a new sustainable initiative to the city.
Write a business report that outlines the following:
Your findings from research showing that there is a need/desire for your initiative
A description of the business and its objectives
The British legal and organisational structure of the business, and the justification for those
An organisational chart
A marketing plan showing how your business will use the marketing mix to promote this intiative
In order to gain a pass grade, your assignment must:
Be written in a formal report structure
Include both primary and secondary research
Discuss British legal structures
Discuss the marketing mix: Price, Place, Produce, Promotion and how your organisation will use them
Be written in academic English and in the passive voice
Use Harvard referencing throughout

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