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Read the case study below and answer the two questions that follow:
Case Study:
Daryl, the general supervisor of a marketing department of a mid-sized Midwestern corporation, is an
ambitious young man. He is writing a book that he hopes will make a name for himself in the business

Because the typing for the actual text is very time-consuming, Daryl is using the secretary
he shares with two other managers, as well as some of his market research interns to both do research
and to type the book while they’re at work. Because they are often busy doing his book, people from the
other departments are finding they can’t get their work-related business done. 
The secretary and interns
feel they have to do what Daryl says because he is their direct supervisor. You are Daryl’s peer in another
department and you also have outside work you need to have typed. 
You’re annoyed at Daryl’s actions,
but would rather not inform your boss (who is also Daryl’s boss) about what’s going on because you want
to maintain a friendly working relationship with Daryl. Besides, you never know how the boss is going to
react. Sometimes you begin to think that if Daryl can get away with using company equipment, personnel,
and time for his personal projects why can’t you? 
Discuss what you believe are the ethical issues in this
situation, and determine how you would handle this situation.
Answer these two questions in an essay format in at least 250-500 words:
Identify what you consider to be potentially unethical. Why do you think it is not ethical?
Using the three ethics check questions on pages 93-94 of the Understanding Business text, describe how
you would handle this situation.
What are ethics
How are ethics differ from legality
When you faced ethical dilemmas, what question you ask yourself that might help you make a decision?
please refer to the table in the APA Style

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