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Please select an organization that everyone knows. Please use simple words it has to be minimum 1,000 words. Also fill out the Table that is on the bottom.
Differentiating Between Market Structures in an Organization of Your Choice
You will apply important microeconomics concepts toward the competitive strategies of an organization that operates in an industry of your choice. You will evaluate the differences
between market structures and identify a group of competitive strategies consistent with the market structure that best aligns with the market in which the organization competes.
You will assess how the market structure positively and negatively affects the firm and evaluate the efficacy of the structure’s competitive strategies.
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Differentiating Between Market Structures Table located on the student website. Compare the various characteristics of the market
structures by completing the table.
Write a 1,100 word paper
Select an industry.1. Identify an organization in that industry. 2. Identify the market structure in which this organization competes. 3.Clearly indicate why the market structure was
decided upon, and how this market structure differentiates from the other alternatives.
Identify 4. three or more competitive strategies of your choice that may be used by the organization to maximize its profits over the long run.
5. Evaluate the efficacy of these strategies in the market structure you identified.
Make 6. recommendations related to the strategies the organization might consider to maximize its profits.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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