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Letter to the Editor
At the end of Unit 9, you will submit an analysis project in which you will apply and bring together all the critical thinking skills and techniques you have learned
throughout the course. Your assignment is to write a “Letter to the Editor” on an issue that matters to you.
There is no specific length requirement; however, a well researched editorial would be approximately 4- 8 pages, and would properly cite all sources using APA citation
You have prepared for this Final Project throughout the term by presenting a strategic argument in your reflection paper; by analyzing newspaper articles; by
presenting your viewpoint in a letter to the editor; by reporting on argument effectiveness of an advertisement or editorial cartoon; and by organizing your thoughts and
source material in an outline and annotated bibliography.
Review the information in Chapter 1 of your text and then you will be ready to bring together all of the skills you have learned throughout the term in a persuasive
communication. You will use specific argumentative strategies to present your point of view and persuade others to accept your conclusions. You will assess your own
arguments and those of opposing views for soundness and identify common fallacies. You will analyze the information in your sources for reasonableness, relevance and
sufficiency. You will compose a persuasive argument and articulate your stance in a manner that is reasonable and forwards rational dialogue. In other words, you will
use critical thinking to demonstrate your own views and persuade others to accept your conclusions.
Your goal is to present a clear and strategic argument for a specific view point on an issue of your choice. You will also support that view by assessing the opposing
viewpoints as well. Editorials are written on topics that are of interest to readers and controversial enough to persuade readers to embrace a specific viewpoint. An
editorial piece is not the same as researched news reporting; rather, it is an informed opinion offered to open or further rational dialogue about a specific issue. A
good editorial should analyze documented arguments for and against. Your Final Project is more than merely an academic exercise, it allows you to apply the skills
you’re developing to something that really matters to you as you identify fallacious arguments and compose sound arguments to support your own position. In your
editorial, you will use your own ideas in the various types of argumentative styles we have studied. In addition, you will analyze the arguments with opposing views and
demonstrate that you have the stronger position by identifying the fallacies we have studied to highlight the holes in opposing arguments.
For guidance on writing a persuasive argument paper or on using APA citation format,

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