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In your response, take into account the time constraints on modern businesses in terms of time to
market and demand for innovation. You may wish to consider how your answers would or would
not change if you were considering a craftsmen-type or vertically-integrated business.
Respond to the following:
•If continuous improvement is the key to remain competitive, then why do firms codify so many
processes into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems?
•Present your personal perspective on how to reduce and overcome the risk of innovation
limitation imposed by the use of ERP systems.
•If you were an ERP vendor, what would your perspective be to show future and current
customers that the use of an ERP system is not a limiting factor to innovation in their
•What would be your arguments to support this point of view?
Write your response in approximately 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of
*Please return by Sunday December 16, 2012, NLT Monday 1200 PM CST.

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