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From 2007-2010, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) used many practices that had never before
been seen from the central bank of the United States.
Discuss the some of the actions that the Fed took during this period. Such as:
How the Federal Reserve’s lending practices changed during this period.
What did the Federal Reserve do to support firms deemed “too big to fail.”
Do you believe these actions were necessary to avoid a collapse in the financial system? Support
your opinion with information from the textbook or external source(s).
Reference: Chapter 12, section 12.4: Bank Failures During the Great Recession, Chapter 14,
section 14.4: Monetary Policy in the 2000s, and Conclusions section at the end of the Chapter 14
Guided Response: Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of your
classmates by agreeing or disagreeing with their opinions on whether the Federal Reserve actions
were necessary to avoid the collapse of the financial system.

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