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During the late 19th century, women began to seek greater improvement in their lives. They
sought higher education for the first time in greater numbers. Women branched out, some
attended traditional men’s colleges, but many were turned away or felt unwelcome in those
settings. As a result several women’s colleges would begin to form, such as Oberlin, Mount
Holyoke, and Vassar.
Read pages 363-373 in Chapter 6 of our text Through Women’s Eyes.
Imagine you are a women entering college during the turn of the century era (late 1800s – early
1900s). Then using the “journal” feature on the course home page write an informal journal entry
of 150-250 words that elaborates on these thoughts: What was the purpose of these women’s
colleges? Why do you want to attend? How would your race and class affect college attendance?
Get in “character” and be creative

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