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Disease trends affect patients and citizens in the community. It is the role of health care organizations
managers to promote and teach prevention and health promotion, and improve health care.
There has been an increased amount of patients diagnosed with chronic debilitating illnesses at the health
care facility. You are assigned the task of meeting with stakeholders to discuss the following topics
relating to chronic diseases and the aging population:
The impact of chronic debilitating illnesses and:
a. Health care organizations
b. Role of physicians and nurses
c. Community health
In preparation for your meeting research the following:
1. Identify a chronic disease affecting the aging population
2. Discuss the impact of this chronic disease on health care organizations
3. Discuss the impact of this chronic disease on the role of physicians and nurses and how their roles
evolved as a result
4. In what ways will this disease affect the health of communities?
5. Identify the population mostly affected by this chronic disease
6. What are prevention and treatment options?

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