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Discuss the case management approach in juvenile justice.
Identify and explain the purposes, goals and operational features.
Compare case management models.
Discuss the necessary elements for effective implementation of this practice.
Provide solutions to potential problems that might be encountered.
Analyze how the uses of promising treatment strategies meet the varied needs of youths with
addictions, mental health issues, or a history of abuse.
Compare and contrast treatment programs developed for these groups of offenders.
Identify the role of parents, schools, juvenile courts, and specific service providers in cross-
disciplinary treatment of these multi-problem youth.
Examine the Chicago Area Project, New York City’s Mobilization for Youth, and Boston’s
Midcity Project:
Discuss the basic goals of these community strategies.
Evaluate the success of these programs.
Describe the factors that inhibited their success.
Compare and contrast the goals, strategies and the success of the programs.
The paper should be approximately 4-5 pages, excluding cover page and references page

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