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Complete the following, placing it in a single Word document:
Continuing with the contractual theme, this week you will provide your department with an
understanding of where to start when claims arise that may or may not be covered by the
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).
The next primer you will prepare for your department’s training series will acclimate your
colleagues to the inner working of the UCC. Prepare a 2โ€“3-page, double-spaced document
explaining to your colleagues how to determine whether a valid contract has been formed in
accordance with Article 2 (Sales) of the UCC. What is the purpose and function of the Uniform
Commercial Code? Provide a scenario by way of example that will demonstrate to your
colleagues the elements necessary to form a sales contract under UCC Article 2. Finally, provide
additional facts to your scenario that will show how the Statute of Frauds and Parol Evidence
Rule under UCC Article 2 can come into play.

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