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Complete the following, placing it in a single Word document:
Having a clear understanding of the courts and where to file specific claims has provided your
department with a good basis for where to start when a claim arises. With so many outside
venders and human resource issues in today’s business world, contractual claims are going to be
one of the common claims that arise on a regular basis in many businesses.
The next primer you will prepare for your department’s training series will acclimate your
colleagues to the world of contracts. Prepare a 2โ€“3-page, double-spaced document explaining
the essential elements of a contract and the applicable remedies in the event of a breach. What
is required for a valid offer? How can one accept an offer? What is the concept of consideration
and what form(s) can consideration take in creating a contract? What factors must be considered
in assessing the legal sufficiency of an offer, acceptance, and consideration in determining
whether a contract is enforceable? In the event that a contract is formed and subsequently
broken, what remedies are available to the non-breaching party under your state’s law (CA)?

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