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Communicating financial information to internal stakeholders is much different than
communicating to an external audience. While the communication with both audiences
requires discretion, the external communication must be carefully structured to ensure that any
communication intended only for internal consumption is not released to the public. Moreover,
in some instances, especially when communicating sensitive information, even internal
communication must be structured so that it is not accidentally released.
Recall a practical example within your own organization or an organization with which you
are familiar that required controlled communications. Prepare two brief executive summaries,
one targeting an internal audience and one targeting an external audience. In each executive
summary, be sure to differentiate between information that can be relayed externally and
information that should remain internally.
After composing your executive summaries, prepare a brief statement, consisting of 1โ€“2
paragraphs describing why you structured your communication in the manner you selected.
Additionally, assume your external communication had been intended for an international
audience. What, if anything, would have been communicated differently?

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