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Choose a specific business and identify at least one sustainable business practice/s you will adopt in your hypothetical or real business e.g. Green accounting, sustainable production
techniques, using sustainable media for promotions and marketing, using sustainable means in service etc.
Research on how crime and deviance within company and/or outside company may impact your chosen sustainable practice/s. you will use the secondary as well as primary sources
for collecting data and other information. Present your findings in the form of a report and devise a strategy to combat the impact of crime and deviance on your sustainable business
Geographical context: UAE
Your report should include
· Research and analysis of the potential effects of crime and deviance on the chosen sustainable business practice
· An example – how crime or deviance has affected such sustainable business practices in a business/organisation you are familiar with (as a part of your secondary research)
· Presentation and analysis of primary data collected from UAE (data may be collected from different stakeholders e.g. business owners, employees, potential employees, security
agencies, police and crime departments, social welfare departments etc.)
· An outline of a draft crime prevention / security strategy for the chosen sustainable business practice based on your research findings.
Word Count: strictly 800 – 1000 (marks will be deducted for a higher or lower word
Count than outer limits)
Format text: 12 point font and double line spacing
Q: what kind of company should I choose, should it be the one which sells some sustainable product or service?
A: you company DOES NOT need to sell a sustainable product/service or promote a sustainable initiative(this was the case in S4). Instead, your company should be practicing
sustainability or, in other words, implementing sustainable practices in its own operations and various functions. For example what practices does the company adopt in its
manufacturing/production department, how it handles its IT systems, how it manages its marketing, sales, account and finance operations, human resources etc is what
you need to consider and then decide area/s where you would like to bring some sustainable practice in this company.

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