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Celebration.” Please respond to the following:
Your company has charged you with managing internal communications for its upcoming 50th anniversary. You need to coordinate events among the planning committee as well as eventually send invitations to all employees. Your company has just over 500 employees in 12 locations across three states in the southwest U.S.
Besides the information provided, what additional information will you need to plan your communication strategy?
When communicating with the planning committee, which form(s) of communication do you think would be most appropriate? Why?
Which means of communication would you employ when alerting the employee populations as a whole of the event? Explain your rationale.
Discussion 2: “High Street Software.” Please respond to the following:
Suppose your company, High Street Software, is partnering with a national environmental organization to develop a portion of your property as a bird sanctuary and outreach program to the local community.
Following the seven strategic planning steps as presented in this chapter, what issues would you have to address both internally and externally?
What role does communication play in each step of the process?
Which step do you believe would be the hardest to execute? Why?
What additional steps could you take to mitigate the expected difficulties you just identified?
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