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As the newly appointed assistant to the In-service Coordinator, your responsibilities include ensuring all
newly hired nurses and physicians are familiar with the legal and ethical guidelines of the facility.
Write a 2-3 page paper (approx 400 to 450 word) and discuss the following information. You are
expected to use a minimum of two references and utilize APA style:
With and intro and conclusion
โ€ข Define corporate negligence. Your textbook (page 242-other attachment) discusses the
benchmark case of Darling v. Charleston Community Memorial Hospital as an example of a corporate
negligence. Describe the legal issues in the case and describe how the hospital failed its ethical duty to the
โ€ข Define respondeat superior. Additionally, provide an example for two of the professions listed
below, of how unethical behaviors could lead to an organization being held vicariously liable under the
legal principle of respondeat superior:
o Physician
o Nurse
o Chiropractor
o Respiratory Therapist
o Occupational Therapist
o Physical Therapist
โ€ข Discuss corporate duties and corporate responsibilities and explain the role the healthcare
organization has in ensuring the compliance of corporate duties and responsibilities

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