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1. Determine if this is an example of probability or statistics:
If a red, blue, and green M&M are placed into a bag, we have a 1/3 chance of reaching in and selecting the red
2. Determine if this data is qualitative or quantitative:
1 lb weight
3. Determine if this study is experimental or observational:
Two groups of adults are asked to follow one of two different exercise plans to determine which exercise plan is
most effective.
4. Construct a grouped frequency distribution for the data given below:
38 28 37 40 37 29 39 31 38 32
41 39 40 33 28 29 37 42 31 28
6. Determine if this statistical study is descriptive or inferential:
A study finds that more than two-thirds of city residents would oppose a bond sale to finance construction of a new
sports stadium. (Points : 3)
7. Given the class midpoints in the histogram below, create the corresponding grouped frequency distribution:
Please see attachment
8. In your own line of work, give one example of a discrete
and one example of a continuous random variable, and describe why each is continuous or discrete. (Points : 4)
9. Identify the sampling technique used to obtain this sample:
>From a database of Americans, 1500 people aged 25-37 are randomly selected.

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