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Provide a scenario where a company would enter a foreign market using the following modes of entry. Be sure to provide one scenario for each mode:
Creating a turnkey project
Establishing joint ventures
Setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary
Give justification for your choices using the advantages or disadvantages for each mode discussed in course readings.
Read the closing case from the text at the end of Chapter 13.(See uploaded file) Prepare a response to the following questions:
GM entered the Chinese market at a time when demand was very limited. Why? What was the strategic rational?
Why did GM enter through a joint venture with SAIC? What are the benefits of this approach? What are the potential risks here?
Why did GM not simply license its technology to SAIC? Why did it not export cars from the United States?
Why has the joint venture been successful to date?
1. The information provided is accurate, providing an in-depth, well thought-out understanding of the topic(s) covered. An in-depth understanding provides an analysis of the information, synthesizing what is learned from the course/assigned readings.
2. Minor to no errors in grammar, mechanics, or spelling in both the initial post and comments to others. APA formatting is correct. If required for the assignment, utilizes sources to support work for both the initial post and the comments to other students. Sources include course and text readings as well as outside sources (when relevant) that are academic and authoritative (e.g., journal articles, other text books, .gov websites, professional organization websites).

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