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Protocol Analyzer
We use protocol analyzers to gather and analyze data traversing over a communication
channel. This could be a hardware tool or a software tool. Different communication protocols
have different tools to first gather and then analyze the data and signals. The channel concerned
does not have to be a using a standard communication protocol.
Their principal use is in performance measurement and in debugging. Protocol analyzers
get on the network and analyze the key performance indicators to provide oversight on the
network and greatly accelerate debugging processes. The exact methodology comprises in
capturing data pockets and decoding them. RFC and other specifications may be used to analyze
the content.
Network Monitor
On the other hand, a network monitor oversees the working of the computer network
using an array of special management software tools. Their principal application is in ensuring
the performance and availability of the hosts and the services of the network. These are brought
to use in serious and large networks, such as in a university or on a corporate base.
These monitors will indicate when there is a failure on part of an instrument or a on part
of the network. The measurement is focussed on utility of hosts, utilization of bandwidth and
related aspects. Watchdog messages may be sent over from time to time to check if the host is
responsive. System administrators are notified by phone, email, SMS etc when there is an issue.
These issues could be a failure, slower response or other unwanted behavior. Therefore it is in
their respective uses that we see the biggest difference: while one is used to monitor, another is
used to analyze data.

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