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Prepare a 15-20 slide Microsoft Power Point presentation with speaker’s notes that includes the following:
·         Provide an overview of the scholarly product.
·         Describe the development of the project.
·         Describe the implementation of the Practicum Learning Agreement.
·         Provide a reflection of the value the practicum project has on your professional career path.
·         Highlight professional relationships developed during this project and the value of those relationships.
Note. This presentation must be at the graduate-level with graphics, illustrations, and correct formatting and design.
My project’s goal is:
1. To gain insight and experience in the role of the nurse educator.
2. To develop an educational plan on elderly patients’ falls for nurses in the medicine unit.
I fiished this project within 2 months, and 67 prictice hours
I completed (learning agreement):
1. literature review on elderly patients’ falls for nurses in the medicine unit.
2. Meet with mentor to discuss findings of literature review
3. Developed educational needs assessment on elderly patient’s falls to deliver to nurses at facility
4. Review draft needs assessment with mentor regarding elderly patients’ fall
5. Administer the needs assessment on elderly patients’ falls to nurses in the medicine unit
6. Review the result of needs assessment with mentor
7. Review current hospital policy and accrediting standard on elderly patients’ falls.
8. Completed literature research on elderly patients’ falls.
9. Meeet with mentor to discuss the literatrue research
10. Developed a lesson plan for nurses regarding elderly patients’ falls in the medicine unit.
11. Developed a PPT for nurses on elderly patients’ fall
12. Delivered a PPT in the classroom
13. Developed an evaluation tool on elderly patients’ falls for nurses
14. Analysis the result of evalutaion survey.
15. Review results of evaluation and overall project with mentor regarding nurses learning in the medicine unit on elderly patients’s falls.
16. Evaluate teaching methods through self-reflection.

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